Is your website prepared for WordPress 6.4?

An update is typically a stride in a better direction, and this is no exception: With WordPress 6.4, the focus is on enhancing various aspects of your website’s experience, ranging from creating new posts with intricate details to managing design patterns across your entire website. They are also addressing any gaps in existing features by providing additional resources to help you expand your designs. Amidst these improvements, the WordPress development team is working on introducing new features such as font customization, new block features and a new theme with applications for any and all industries.

Widespread changes in web platforms, however, inevitably come with risks. With an expected release date of November 7, 2023, Fortunately, those risks can be safeguarded against with a few straightforward preemptive measures:

  • Back up your site and database

    It is highly recommended to back up your site and it’s database before making any changes to your site after November 7, 2023 cannot be overstated. Your website will likely be ostensibly unimpacted, but most update-derived issues will only arise when changes are made to a page formatted prior to the update. Having a full backup on hand will prevent a lot of headache, should things go awry.

  • Update your plugins

    Before the new WordPress version is launched, make sure to update your plugins. It’s common to see updates for various plugins and themes on your site in the weeks leading up to a new release. Developers usually release these updates as they get their plugins ready for the upcoming version.

  • Use a staging site to test the new version

    If your site depends on essential functionality, such as eCommerce or memberships, it’s best to create a staging site to test the new WordPress version before upgrading your live site. Testing using staging site is not required, but it’s a safe way to ensure your site will continue to function properly before upgrading.

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